"Very intense vocal delivery! Solid emo y'all! Go off"” - Michael Cera Palin, on Twitter one time in 2020

About Pillow Fort

Pillow Fort

Starting in Leicester, UK as the solo project of Ryan Crick in 2020, Pillow fort pull heavily from 2010s emo revival bands such as Modern Baseball, Free Throw and Oso Oso while also blending shades of math rock and post punk from the past couple of decades.

After university friends Sam Rodmell and Isaac Peacock joined the band, they started gigging in December 2021 and have since supported some high profile acts including Crywank and Proper. Pillow Fort have become a permanent fixture in the UK DIY emo scene, being known for their angsty vocals, melancholic instrumentals, and Ryan's orange beanie.

About the EP

Words That Change In Meaning

Releasing October 7th 2022

Three years in the making, Pillow Fort are gearing up to release their debut EP.

Written across 2019 and 2020, 'Words That Change in Meaning' touches on topics such as anxiety and self-betterment while framing them around their impact on relationships.

Recorded in May 2022 with Joey Whelan, this marks Pillow Fort's first time in the studio and their first time recording as a full band.

About the Single

Nelson Muntz had an Absent Father Too

Released September 16th 2022

Pillow Fort's debut track. The lyrics focus on family, and the understanding that blood relations don't entitle you to anything.

Twinkly guitars, merged with an angst-fueled punk dynamic make for an energetic emo tune that still holds on to the melancholy tones so essential to the genre.