Previous events

Date Event Location
JunkFest 2023 The Live Rooms, Chester The Live Rooms, Chester
Waves Festival The Ship Isis, Sunderland The Ship Isis, Sunderland
Sleep Outside, Pillow Fort, Spellgaze Duffy's Bar, Leicester Duffy's Bar, Leicester
Hockley Hustle Brewdog Nottingham, Nottingham Brewdog Nottingham, Nottingham
The Deadnotes, Pillow Fort and Dairy Products JT Soar, Nottingham JT Soar, Nottingham
Nothing Feels Good - Ft Lakes, Fightmilk, Brutalligators, Pillow Fort and more Signature Brew E8, London Signature Brew E8, London
Jumper Boy, Pillow Fort, Cherry Chain, Seek Warmth @ The Crofters Rights The Crofters Rights, Bristol The Crofters Rights, Bristol
Jumper Boy, Pillow Fort, Badlands @ The Moon The Moon, Cardiff The Moon, Cardiff
Pillow Fort, Jumper Boy, Couples Therapy, Definitely Not Haunted @ The Rossi Bar The Rossi Bar, Brighton The Rossi Bar, Brighton
Jumper Boy, Pillow Fort + Guests @ The Library The Library, Oxford The Library, Oxford
Jumper Boy, Pillow Fort, Since Torino @ The Washington The Washington, Sheffield The Washington, Sheffield
And Words That Stay the Same EP release show - Pillow Fort, Slash Fiction, Sorrell, Throw Like a Girl @ Firebug Firebug, Leicester Firebug, Leicester
Toodles & the Hectic Pity + Pillow Fort @ Just Dropped In Just Dropped In, Coventry Just Dropped In, Coventry
Lakes, Paranoid Void (Japan) & Pillow Fort @ The Chameleon The Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham The Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham
Nervus, The Deadnotes and Pillow Fort @ Rough Trade Notts Rough Trade Nottingham, Nottingham Rough Trade Nottingham, Nottingham